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Our social enterprise consultancy helps build thriving food systems.

Open Food Services is a consultancy which offers a range of services that support food system transformation.

Our team has a broad range of skills and experience.  if you think we might be able to help you in some way! We also firmly believe that mutual support is what’s needed to build a better food system – we’re into collaborating and strengthening the efforts of others, not competing.  if there’s a project you think we should work together on.

Here are just some examples of the services we offer:

Food systems activation

We have run food hubs, vegie box schemes, farms and more, and we have provided local food activation packages in a number of regions. Some of the services we offer include:

  • individual business strategy and mentoring for farmers and food organisations
  • support for building collaborative food systems through workshops, strategies, mentoring – we can deliver a broad program or help you/your organisation design a food activation package that you deliver 
  • research, including feasibility studies
  • grant writing

Efficient operating for food enterprises

Operating a community food enterprise is often done on a shoestring budget! We have years of experience of maximising what we can get done within a tight budget. We use the best management and software development tools and processes to help us work efficiently, and we can help you develop systems that allow you and your team to make the best possible decisions on what to prioritise. We can help you use what we’ve learned, for example:

  • process mapping and strategy development for increased efficiency
  • training in using Agile and Lean methods to help you make strong decisions and operate efficiently

Online marketing, sales and efficient processes

Our flagship project is the Open Food Network software platform. We also have skills in developing websites for marketing and sales. Our services include:

  • custom small-scale software solutions, for example getting your business systems feeding information to each other to free you up from data entry
  • bespoke software solutions – for example, we’re the developers behind CERES Fair Food‘s site

Open Food Network services

You can easily set up your own online store on the Open Food Network software platform, and can access customer support if you need it. But if you just want someone else to set it up for you, we do offer that as a paid service too!

Our projects

We’ve run a wide range of projects, big and small, that help build better food systems. Here’s a few examples of the type of work we can do.

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