About Us


Open Food Network Australia works to transform the food system.

We are a not-for-profit building the tools and resources needed to create a new food system that is fair, local, and transparent.

 We do this by providing:

 ·   An open source online software platform that enables efficient and transparent short food supply chains

 ·   Resources to help those building local food supply chains 

·   Consultancy and research that helps advance new food systems

We are part of a global Open Food Network community. By working together, we create so much more than we possibly could by working separately. We’re a resilient community that’s passionate about doing everything we can to build a new, fairer food system.

Why are we called Open Food Network?

Because we’re transparent and open in our collective decision-making, and we build open source software solutions that anyone can access and add to. Because we work to transform the food system, and are designed around the unique needs of the food system. Because we facilitate networks both as an alternative food system supply chain solution and as a way to share knowledge and resources amongst those working to transform the food system. 

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Our structure

Open Food Network Australia encompasses the not-for-profit Open Food Foundation, our social enterprise consultancy Open Food Services, and the work done with our global Open Food Network community.

Open Food Foundation

The Open Food Foundation is a non-profit, registered charity established in October 2012 to develop, accumulate and protect open source knowledge, code, applications and platforms for fair and sustainable food systems.

Its flagship project is the Open Food Network, an international not-for-profit network that works to transform the food system by catalysing and supporting short, transparent food supply chains.

The Open Food Foundation (ACN 160 582 696) is overseen by a board operating in Australia.

Open Food Network’s history

The entire Open Food Network project was founded in 2012 in Australia by Kirsten Larsen and Serenity Hill.  Since then it has grown, and launched in 8 countries around the world. These days, Open Food Network Australia is the Australian arm of an international community that’s locally-led across the world. Check out some of the work done by our international partners.

Some selected highlights of what we’ve achieved since 2012:

·   Launched an open source software platform

·   Won the VicHealth Seed Challenge

·   Crowdfunded $35,000 (for which we will always be very grateful)

·   Brought on board our international partners

·   Delivered local food activation packages around Victoria

·   Launched the Fair Food Forum

·   Built a resource library to help community food enterprises

·   Won an international OuiShare award

·   Launched a social enterprise consultancy, Open Food Services


Can we help?

Have an idea, a project or a question? Want help using the Open Food Network software?  Get in touch and find out how we can help you with it.

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Open Food Network is a free and open source software platform. Our content is licensed with CC BY-SA 3.0 and our code with AGPL 3.

We take good care of your data. See our cookies policy

Open Food Network acknowledges the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples on the unceded lands and waters across Australia. We pay our respects to Elders, past and present, honouring their rich cultures, traditions and custodianship that nourish communities and regenerate landscapes.

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