Introducing Our Newest Pilot Project: Increasing Financial Access to Food Through Community Food Enterprises

Funded by Citi Foundation

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  At Open Food Network, we believe everyone should have access to fresh, regeneratively grown and locally-sourced food, regardless of their financial situation. That’s why we’ve launched a household level food subsidy pilot project. This initiative is an emergent process, investigating future solutions to support food accessibility for low-income households and communities across Victoria.

 What Will The Pilot Project Entail?

  Funded by the inaugural Citi Foundation Global Innovation Challenge, this project aims to strengthen community food systems by making regenerative food and short food supply chains financially accessible to more people and communities. We will do this by providing food-insecure households with vouchers for food that are redeemable at participating community food enterprises (CFEs).

How Will it Work?


Food Subsidy Fund:

Establish a fund to receive and allocate financial donations for the project.


Voucher System:

Develop software to transform donations into food vouchers that can be redeemed at participating CFE’s.


The Pilot:

Distribute a minimum of AUD$65,000 in food vouchers to low-income households via community service delivery partners.



Throughout the pilot, we’ll measure outcomes to assess effectiveness and plan future improvements.

A Collaborative Approach

This pilot embraces collaboration with Community Food Enterprises (CFEs). CFEs can be defined as locally-owned/-controlled food businesses or ventures founded around a desire to create positive outcomes for the communities they serve. By working closely with CFEs, we aim to create a project tailored to unique community needs while strengthening local food systems.

Participatory Design


We’ll utilise participatory design with CFEs through interviews, meetings and product testing to shape the project’s outputs.



CFEs receive project management support, marketing assistance, and funds to support their participation in the project.

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Or for more information regarding the Food Subsidy Pilot Project you can contact the project manager here.

The Food Subsidy Pilot Project has been funded thanks to Citi Group Foundation.

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