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How we determined a new pricing model with our users

Last year we reached out to people using the Open Food Network software platform to discuss how the Open Food Network in Australia could become more financially sustainable. We had conversations with many of you, finding out how things were going and talking through how the software helps with your business and whether you would be willing to invest in it.

Launching Open Food Services

We are extremely excited to introduce Open Food Services – our new, worker-owned company!

Open Food Services will offer a range of services that build on Open Food Network’s mission to transform the food system. These include business development, research, software and website development, and much more.

A change to how we communicate with you

Welcome to this new section of the Open Food Network Australia site, where we’ll be providing regular news and updates. We’ve started it because we want to share more with our users and the wider community about what we do (including more regular updates), why we do it, and what we’d like to do next.