We regularly run webinars to help community food enterprises to thrive. 

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How to grow a food hub

Presenter: Jen Sheridan

Join us as we share information, frameworks and resources that you can use when planning to start a new Food Hub or expand the operations of an existing one. Topics covered include:

  • What you need to know before deciding to start a Food Hub.
  • Preparing your Food Hub for Launch.
  • How to Successfully Launch and market your Food Hub.
  • Scaling up a Food Hub. 
  • Pricing, digital tools, packing tips and much more.

Further resources for food hubs can be seen here

‘Like peeling an onion’ webinar series

These peer-to-peer webinars focused on the many layers involved in running a community food organisation, and the skills needed to run them. These were held as an open discussion and contain recordings of the Q&A sessions as well. 

Get your food moving

Presenter: Renata Cumming
Speakers: Jono Leschinski and Jessie Lopez from Edigrocer, Lloyd Harrington from Baw Baw Food hub and Amelia Bright from the Open Food Network. 

This webinar covers logistics for community food enterprises. 

You can read a summary of the webinar here. 



Making Informed Decisions

Presenter: Renata Cumming
Speakers: Amelia Bright from Prom Coast Food Collective and Miranda Sharp from Melbourne Farmers Markets

This webinar covers how decision making methodologies for community food enterprises.

Read a summary of the webinar here. 


Let’s talk about price

Presenter: Reanta Cumming
Speakers: Jen Rae from Fawkner Commons, Lydia Mofakhami from Open Food Network

This webinar is all about Price.

Topics covered include understanding your true costs, transparency and tiered pricing models so that everyone can access food with dignity. 

You can also read a summary of the webinar here. 



Re-engage and retain customers

Presenter: Renata Cumming
Speakers: Robert (Rob) Peking from Food Connect and Jessimin Horder, Marketing and PR Consultant for Elephant Pigeon Communication.

Many community food enterprises experienced a sharp spike in demand during the COVID pandemic. This webinar covers how to keep these customers engaged, and how to reconnect with lapsed customers. 

Selling your whole harvest

New markets for seconds, gluts and unpopular cuts 

Presenters: Prue Rothwell and Jen Sheridan

When farms can’t sell all of their produce, farmers lose money, and the resulting food waste contributes to climate change. This webinar contains ways that farmers can sell more of what they produce, both to reduce food waste on farm and increase their return.

More information about our work in this space can be found here. 

Farmers and Foodies Series

This webinar series focused on connections between farmers and their communities. The first webinar is focused on establishing community food enterprises, and the second webinar is focused on how farmers and food enterprises could adapt their enterprises to find new markets. 

Farmers and foodies working together

Presenters: Jen Sheridan and Renata Cumming

We were engaged by Hepburn Shire Council to host this webinar about how communities are working together to build strong regional food distribution.

The webinar included:

  • critical success factors and case studies of collaborative food distribution
  • Renata shared her insights from starting and running the Strathbogie Local food hub
  • starting something where you are
  • resources to help you take the next steps
  • discussion with webinar participants

Watch the webinar below and view the slides here.

Farmers and foodies adapting

Presenter: Jen Sheridan

Responding to COVID19: How farmers and food enterprises are adapting their businesses to find new markets.

In this webinar you will explore the different models being adopted locally and internationally by farmers and food enterprises as they adapt to COVID-19. From selling online, to building new short supply chains and distribution systems that supply your customers and communities. Giving you the skills to build a resilient farm business, during the pandemic and beyond.

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