Visual marketing tips for selling food

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There is an overwhelming amount of information available online with tips on how to improve how to market and sell food. To help you navigate this, we have sorted through the content that may be most relevant to community food enterprises to consider.

If you have a brick and mortar shop, pop-up hub space, market stall or farm gate – this resource is designed to provide you with ideas, tips and further links to help get you started.

Visual Marketing Tips and Tricks


  • Use Empty Space Wisely: space between the products and ceiling is most underutilized. Incorporate signage, or dried produce such as flowers, herbs, garlic to hang around the store where possible.
  • Consider layout to maximise customer exposure with products: a circular layout to guide the movement of customers is common and powerful in comparison to traditional aisles. If your layout does have aisles, use clean & sharp displays that encourage customers to slow, stop and look at products.
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  • Think from the perspective of the customer and their experience, rather than just the need to sell.
  • Customer feedback / survey: talk with customers about their experience – what is working / not working for them or could you have a place for a customer feedback or suggestion box?
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  • Move products into displays outside of their normal area (if possible to do this with food safety requirements): helps customers see products they may have never noticed before.
  • Multiple-price-point mantra : “A two-for-$5 is more effective than $2.49 each. If you have a two-for deal, you will almost guarantee that every customer will buy the multiple.”
  • Promote products with multiple uses: social media is a powerful tool to assist in sharing recipes, images, videos i.e. 5 different recipe ideas for pumpkin
  • Discounts and Temporary Price Reductions : **apply with caution: you may need to consider how this may impact your return on investment!**
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Finding inspiration

Online – search Pinterest and Instagram hashtags for ideas and image inspirations.

Try searching terms such as:

  • Green Grocer
  • Farmers Markets
  • Farm Store Ideas
  • Farm Gate

Your local area – Do a ‘competitor check’ to see what and how other stores are presenting and displaying information and products.

Expand the Decision making tools section below to see how you can try something new and see if it has an impact!

    Want to try something new but don’t know where to start?

    Want to test something new and know if it worked?

    • Try the Lean Approach of Hypothesis Testing: a method to help you identify and test your assumptions by creating a hypothesis, experiment and then validating this. Download this easy to use template by Stephen Bolen.

    Below are some examples of food enterprises that we think are doing it pretty well !

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