Social Enterprise Food Service and Catering

A food or catering service that operates on a social mission, which may include; creating job opportunities and skills training for marginalised groups, providing healthy, local food options or celebrating the unique foods of different cultural groups.

Social Enterprise Food Services provide a community service beyond food; it is about empowerment, community building and providing opportunities to vulnerable members of the community.

As with any social enterprise, they often receive funding or support from the philanthropic sector, corporate or council partners to deliver the social benefit element. Due to the intensive nature of the social outcomes they are seeking to create, it is understood that the venture itself will likely not self-fund in the short-term.


Asylum Seeker Resource Centre Catering – A ‘global food experience with a cause’, the food served reflects the rich and diverse cultures of their asylum seeker members, which is expressed in the modern interpretations of classic flavours from Africa, the Middle East and Asia. The ASRC Catering company provides social and economic empowerment for people seeking asylum, supported by an experienced team of mentor chefs.

Growing Abundance – Catering service, which sources local food and serves to educate clients and guests on the importance of eating locally and seasonally.

Lentil as Anything – Catering service which supports a model centered on values of trust, generosity and respect. Lentil as Anything’s financial model makes it possible for anyone to enjoy a meal out regardless of their financial situation.

STREAT –operates cafes and coffee carts / roasters around Melbourne, as well as a catering service. They provide intensive wrap-around support, vocational training and real work experience to over 100 young people each year who really need a hand. Their goal is to end youth homelessness and disadvantage.

Scarf Community provides hospitality training opportunities for young people seeking protection, and young people from refugee and new migrant communities who face barriers to work. Scarf pops up in a new Melbourne restaurant every season where regular dinners are hosted and where people can get hands on experience, supported by experienced mentors.

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