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How can I contact the team at Open Road?

Our customer support team is avaliable Monday to Friday from 9 AM until 5 PM (except public holidays).

Please email or call us on (03) 9005 8461

I need help fast!

If you need urgent help with an order, our customer support team is available any time in business hours – we are here to help.

If there is an urgent change to your order, or you encounter a problem with dropping off or receiving your goods, contact us by email or phone with the order details. 

Customer Support contacts (Monday-Friday 9am-5pm, excluding public holidays):


phone: (03) 9005 8461 

How can I start to use the Open Road Service?

Setup an account with Open Road by filling out this form. We will then send you the information you need to get started and lodge an order for delivery. 

How do I lodge an order?

Check your region’s local schedule (Melbourne Metro, Central Victoria, North East Victoria, Gippsland) to make sure we service the areas you require for pick-up and drop-off. Complete the Order Lodgement Form, also available by logging in to the Open Road User Portal. You must have an account with Open Road to book an order.

Please note that Open Road does not operate on Public Holidays.

Can I cancel an order?

To change or cancel your order please contact us via email as soon as possible with the email subject line: CANCELLATION: [DATE] and details of the order to be cancelled including the pick up location and destination. 

Please note, if your order is cancelled less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled pick-up time, a cancellation fee to the value of 50% of your total order will be incurred. Changes to your delivery destination after goods have been picked up may not be possible.

I want to lodge an order for Open Road to pick-up goods from another enterprise, do they also need an account with Open Road?

Yes, both the enterprise paying for the delivery, and the enterprise sending the goods need to have an account with Open Road. If the enterprise sending the goods does not yet have an account with Open Road, you can set up a skeleton account on their behalf by filling out the Account Setup form, but please let them know you are sharing their contact details with us!

How much does Open Road cost?

Our pricing can be sen below.

table with Open Road pricing

Contact us if you are unsure how your delivery would be priced, or for a quote for large orders. 

We email invoices fortnightly, and you can also access invoices when logged in to the Open Road User Portal.

Where can I deliver goods to?

Each region has  a list of townships where  we can pick-up and drop-off goods at Depots and custom locations. Go to each region page to view the lists:

Depots are food enterprises, farms and businesses that collaborate with Open Road to help our service run. If you would like a Depot to act as a pick-up location for your customers, please contact us as this is made by arrangement.  

You can also send goods from your region to another Open Road region, with cross-region connections at depots in Melbourne and Euroa. Contact us for quotes and schedules for cross-region deliveries.

I want to send to/from somewhere not listed on the website

We may be able to service additional locations nearby those listed on the region pages – you’re welcome to email us with details of the pick-up and drop-off locations and when you need the service. We will let you know whether we can service the location you need.

To assist us in the future planning of the Open Road service, please contact us with details of regions outside the current reach that you would like to send to and from.

Where is my nearest Depot?

See the relevant region pages for a list of towns and localities that have Depots or are otherwise serviceable by Open Road.

Depot addresses can be accessed in the Open Road User Portal once you have created an account. 

Our Depots can only accept drop-offs of labelled boxes for a confirmed Open Road delivery. Once we’ve confirmed your order, you can take your goods to the designated Depot for pick-up by Open Road. 

What if there’s no Depot near me?

We also pick up from and deliver to custom locations that are along our regular routes. The availability of this service may differ from region to region, please see your relevant region page or contact us to find out if your requested custom location can be serviced.

Region Pages: 

Are your vehicles licensed Meat Transport Vehicles?

Yes, all our vehicles are refrigerated (0-4 deg) and have current PrimeSafe Meat Transport licensing. If your product cannot be transported at this temperature we may not be able to deliver your goods – please contact us to discuss. 

What are the packaging requirements?

You can send food, beverages and related items. 

Open Road staff will accept industry standard boxes, up to 20kg.  Boxes over 15kg must be clearly labelled as HEAVY.  

Light and delicate items must be labelled as TOP LOAD or FRAGILE. We can accept bags but please note this on the order lodgement.

If your product needs to be kept in dry store conditions, please let us know and depending on the route, and volume of stock, we may be able to accomodate this.

Do you take pallets?

Yes! We can only accept pallet loads by arrangement as most of our vehicles have 2-3 pallet capacity. Please contact us for a quote and availability on the date and route you require. 

How do I label my goods?

You will receive shipping labels via email when your order is confirmed by the Open Road team. Please affix printed labels, and label each box with its individual box number – 1 of 2, 2 of 2 etc. 

All boxes must be labelled. If you don’t have access to a printer you can handwrite your labels instead. 

Handwritten labels must include: 

  • Tracking Number
  • Sender Enterprise company name, contact name, ph number
  • Receiving Enterprise company name, contact name, ph number
  • Date of pickup and drop off
I’m sending goods, how will you notify me?

After your order has been confirmed, the enterprise paying for the delivery, and the enterprise sending/packing the goods will receive a confirmation email with a live tracking link.

You will receive an SMS with a live tracking link by the morning of the day of pick-up.

You will receive another SMS when the delivery has been completed.

I’m receiving goods, how will you notify me?

You will receive an SMS with a live tracking link by the morning of the day of pick-up.

You will receive another SMS when the delivery is complete.

Terms and Conditions:

Please read our Terms and Conditions online, these must be accepted in order to use our service.

The box quantity I booked for delivery doesn’t match the box quantity now the goods are packed. Can I change the quantity after my order is placed?

Yes! Our drivers will update the quantity in our system on pickup to ensure we are invoicing correctly. 

To change the quantity of your order by more than 3 boxes please contact us via email as soon as possible with the email subject line: DISCREPANCY: [DATE] and details of the order to be adjusted. 

Please see Terms and Conditions for details on changes and cancellation policy.

Can I make other changes to order details once I’ve received a confirmation email?

Yes, noting that ALL changes must be confirmed by our Open Road customer support team – not our drivers or Depots. 

To change or cancel your order please contact us via email as soon as possible with the subject line: CHANGE / CANCELLATION: [Order Tracking Number]  [DATE].

Note that changes to your delivery destination after goods have been picked up may not be possible. 

See our Terms and Conditions for details on changes and our cancellation policy.

What happens if an order goes missing?

We do our utmost to track all orders. In the event of a missing order, please contact the Open Road team with the tracking number you received via the email confirmation and label attachments.

Do I need to sell through the Open Food Network platform to use the Open Road service?

No, Open Road is a dedicated food logistics service available to all.   

If you are selling through the Open Food Network platform, please contact us to see how we can help streamline your sales to delivery process.

What are Open Road’s COVID-Safe processes?

Under Work Health and Safety laws, Open Food Network has a duty to minimise as far as possible the risk of exposure to COVID-19 in our workplace. We follow all Government-issued mandates relevant to our operations in the transport sector and our COVID-Safe procedures are implemented to do all that is reasonably practicable to minimise COVID risks. These include: 

  • Drivers must report COVID-19 related symptoms immediately, get tested and not return to work until recovered or they receive a negative test.
  • Drivers wear masks, follow physical distancing and are vaccinated as per state government guidelines and mandates. 
  • Our vans are stocked with hand sanitiser and cleaning products, and are cleaned regularly. 
  • All driver locations are logged in the logistics application Open Road uses. We ask that depots and delivery sites notify us as soon as possible if our drivers may have been exposed to COVID-19 during delivery. Additional safety measures can be implemented as requested by partner organisations or customers, including contactless delivery. 

Please contact our team if you have any questions regarding our COVID-Safe procedures.

Still have questions? 

If you’ve still got questions about the Open Road service, please get in contact with our team via email at

Alternatively, you can contact our team on (03) 9005 8461 during business hours (9 AM – 5 PM AEDT, excluding public holidays). 

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