The Open Food Network has been endorsed by people all around the world, because they use our products, rely on our community and the resources we create, or believe in the vision we are striving for.

“For years I have been writing about the need for a fairer, more sustainable food distribution system.  It appears that we now have it.  The online, open source, not-for-profit Open Food Network is owned and controlled by the people who grow, rear, process and eat the food.  It is providing a growing Network of food and drink producers and small-scale retailers with a rich variety of routes to market that enable transparency for the shoppers and buyers along with maximum returns to the people who are producing our food.  Are supermarkets’ days numbered?”

George Monbiot

Open Food Network UK Ambassador

“We have only just joined the Open Food Network and it is great. It has helped us build our business by linking with new customers, and having an easy to use shop! We love the ethos behind it and the fact that developers all over the world are working to build a better food system. Keep up the great work!”

Henry Allison & Olivia James

Down Farm, Devon

“The Open Food Network is not only a great way to get local food to local people.  It is also the only open source online food distribution system. It is really important that as we are building new ways of living that we build systems that are fair, sustainable and that work for the good of everyone.  That is what open source does and that is what Open Food Network does.”

Mary Clear

Incredible Edible Todmorden

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