Orders Dashboard

Save time with hassle-free customer communications

Effortlessly manage product listings and focus on growing your business

Streamline order and producer communications with ease

Simplify your workload with product listing management tools

Grow your customer base with contact list management tools

Get a comprehensive view of your operations, streamline your workflow, and manage multiple locations or shopfronts with ease using our orders dashboards, designed for hubs and larger enterprises looking to maximise their efficiency.

“I am loving the dashboard – it is becoming a one-stop shop for everything that we need to do. “
Kim Croker, Tasmanian Produce Collective

Watch – Preview a demo of how your new Dashboard will look


The product dashboard enables you to:

      Order Cycle Management

      Automatically compile reports at the end of each order cycle, including:

      • Downloadable Excel order reports for each producer
      • Packing reports by collection point & shipping method
      • Customer totals reports
      • Payment summary reports for producers
      • Access order information for your past and current order cycles quickly in one place
          Supplier Management
          • Automatically calculate total sales, fees, and payments due to suppliers
          • Producer analytics: total sales, fees, and payments over time
          • Customise automated producer reports: Automatically email an Excel order report to producers, with customised email content
          • Create ABA template files – one click download of a csv file containing all the data to convert to an .aba file for batch payments to producers
          Customer management
          • Segment customers by spend, number of orders, last order placed and the period since the last order
          • Sales by customer per OC and trends over time
          • Build off your dashboard with additional integrations, like automated reminder emails to producers or customers, tailored for your specific needs – ask us for a quote for add-on automations

          Activate your Dashboard

          Or get in touch to learn more – we’re here to help you along the way!

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