Open Food Network is community supported software. We support community food enterprises, and they invest in creating a shared resource that benefits both them and the broader community food sector.

Solidarity partners

Solidarity partners are our equivalent of a CSA. These are partners investing in the new features that keep improving the Open Food Network, and strengthening the community that is working together to transform the food system. They’re with us not just because they want to use good software, but because they’re part of a movement that’s helping each other improve and making it easier for others to replicate what we do. They invest 2-3% of their sales in creating a new food system, and together, we’re building a food system that is fair, ethical and sustainable.

These are our 3% solidarity partners:

Baw Baw Food Hub

Beechworth Food Co-op

Black Barn Farm

These are our 2% solidarity members:

Butterfly Factory

Gleneden Family Farm

Gung Hoe Growers

Tellurian Fruit Gardens

Wangaratta Food Collective

Community members

Community members are helping us keep the lights on for Open Food Network Australia by contributing to the cost of running servers, platform maintenance, and customer support.

These are our community members:

Grow Lightly

New Life Farm

Prom Coast Food Collective

Terrewah Farm

Westies Dry Goods Buying Group

Woodstock Flour