The Open Food Network software platform allows farmers to sell produce online, at a price that works for them. It can be embedded in your own website, or hosted on ours. It has been built specifically for selling food so it can handle tricky measures or stock levels that only food has – a dozen eggs, a bunch of parsley, and a whole chicken that varies in weight, anyone?

It’s a great shopfront to sell food through as an individual enterprise, but where it really gets exciting is when there’s a community of farmers working together.

Produce from multiple farmers can be managed through a single shopfront, with each farming enterprise retaining control over their own products and stock levels. As a farmer, you could have your own shopfront, be selling through a food hub’s shopfront (or more than one hub shopfront!) but just manage your stock and pricing in one place.

People have used the power of this feature to create food collectives, manage food hub stock, or to take their farmers’ market online with pre-purchases to give stallholders more secure sales.

And what’s just as important as the software itself, are the values that underpin it. If you’re trying to build a new food system – as a farmer, farmers’ market, or food hub – then why would you choose software that isn’t also contributing to a fairer food system? By working collectively rather than competitively, we share the costs of developing new software, and we ensure that our project is more resilient than the many other proprietary models that have fallen over since we started!

Open Food Network is community supported software, which means that its development is supported by community members who use the platform. If you would like to use the software platform you will need to choose a membership option. You can read more on our Pricing options page.

Read more about how to use the software in our User Guide, or you can email us with any questions, including help getting set up using the Open Food Network.

If you’re interested in getting involved as a developer, join us on GitHub and Slack.

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